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$8000 tax credit for purchasing a home.
As soon as we receive our Obama Money, we're going to rebuild the deck.
by mmMarcia March 31, 2010
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Money being distributed to inner city black people that while being interviewed make stupid remarks and have no clue how stupid they sound.

Also, money seized from people that have worked hard, saved and have done without all of their lives and then given to inner city black people as payment for their vote and continued support of the Obama administration.
Interviewer: What are you waiting in line for.
Inner city Black person: Obama Money.
Interviewer: Where does the money come from.
Inner city black person: The city, the state.
Interviewer: Where does the city or state get the money.
Inner city black person: From Obama.
Interviewer: Where does Obama get the money.
Inner city black person: I don't know, from his stash. That's why we voted for him, "Chant" Obama, Obama.
by Expert Puss E Licker November 13, 2009
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Imaginary money used to add to someones popularity
Guy 1: Whoa! your giving all that money to that thing!

Guy 2: NOOO! it's just obama money
by leim123456 March 01, 2010
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The vast sums of money given secretly to the black population by Obama. This is not to be confused with Affirmative Action, where the Obama gives money to every minority in USA except the Armenians.
Tim: "Your grades are shit Tyrone.. how did you get into college?"

Tyrone: " I gat mah obamamoney frum the precident! man i luv callege!"

by Eri0Chrome February 26, 2011
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