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An acronym for "Oh really now!": A sarcastic response to a statement that is obvious or frankly false.
Person 1: I do not suffer from insanity..... I enjoy every minute of it!
Person 2: ORN!
by Gladiator Bed-Warmer December 12, 2009
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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
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Orn means "Oh, really now?" but it's also referred to an online game, called
Player 1: Ur gonna loose
Player 2: Orn lol
via giphy
by io-games May 20, 2018
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ORN is a "gang" from springfeild who are all broke, have no life and smell bad. They have people who sexaully harrass women and have a guy thats named"dmv.benjimen" who think he on something when he not. these kids have no future and hit no licks so they might as well suicide. they all live in small homes and they look like straight faggots.
smh them ORN niggas built like a refrigerator
by ORNgays September 29, 2019
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ex1: Psh, do you want a ride, orn?

guy-Ya, girl give me some head right now.
by ohmananotherword July 10, 2008
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short for "Oh Really Now!" which is used for several reasons to include: (1) As a response to when a person feels someone has stated something in a boastful manner, implying a high or superior status; (2) As a response to when someone feels competitive with another, or feels doubtful of another; (3) As a mood-elating fun statement.
(1) Frank: "I can bench press over 300 pounds."
Dan: "Oh Really Now?"

(1) Matt: "I cleared over 200k last year."
John: "Oh Really Now."

(2) Bob: "I used to run a mile in less than 5 minutes. I could do it right now if I wanted."
Bill: "Oh Really Now."

(3) "Oh Really Now! Orn!"
by Orn May 22, 2011
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