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An acronym for "Oh really now!": A sarcastic response to a statement that is obvious or frankly false.
Person 1: I do not suffer from insanity..... I enjoy every minute of it!
Person 2: ORN!
by Gladiator Bed-Warmer December 12, 2009
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Orn means "Oh, really now?" but it's also referred to an online game, called
Player 1: Ur gonna loose
Player 2: Orn lol
via giphy
by io-games June 07, 2018
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the size of my shit denotes that i must have an Orn
by SoL January 12, 2004
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short for "Oh Really Now!" which is used for several reasons to include: (1) As a response to when a person feels someone has stated something in a boastful manner, implying a high or superior status; (2) As a response to when someone feels competitive with another, or feels doubtful of another; (3) As a mood-elating fun statement.
(1) Frank: "I can bench press over 300 pounds."
Dan: "Oh Really Now?"

(1) Matt: "I cleared over 200k last year."
John: "Oh Really Now."

(2) Bob: "I used to run a mile in less than 5 minutes. I could do it right now if I wanted."
Bill: "Oh Really Now."

(3) "Oh Really Now! Orn!"
by Orn May 22, 2011
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ex1: Psh, do you want a ride, orn?

guy-Ya, girl give me some head right now.
by ohmananotherword July 10, 2008
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Oh, really ni**a?
Yo, I'm about for scongile all over your mom!

Orn? I'm about to force feed your wife Helmut sauce!
by Payaso mol January 28, 2018
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