Midwest phrase describing an exodus from ones current surroundings with the intent on returning shortly after
We can't come to your party cause we are going out of town this weekend.
by harvey birdman August 21, 2006
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1) When a bitch from out of town comes to visit and is hella down to fuck because there will be no strings attached and she will most likely never see you again or have to deal with any drama

2) When you go on vacation somewhere and the local girls are down to fuck you because you are from out of town and thus more attractive to them
Guy 1: "Bro how was your weekend in New York CIty?"
Guy 2: "dude it was so fucking tight, I got hella out of town strange out there."
Guy 1: "Wow dude that's the best! I always get out of town strange whenever I go on vacay!"
by realOGbobbyprice February 01, 2017
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This refers to the phenomenon of the behavior of young single women on vacation. Due to the fact that they are away from familiar people they become generally more impulsive and specifically much more sexually permissive than they otherwise would be. This phenomenon can often be observed on cruise ships as well as any vacation spots that are popular for young single people. As the end of a young woman's vacation or trip nears, the more acute the syndrome becomes.
Guy 1: These girls are crazy man! They're taking their tops off in the club and one of them just gave me a blow job in the bathroom. I've never picked up women so easily before. They must be nuts!!!

Guy 2: No man, they just have out of town syndrome.
by Billy1980 July 13, 2010
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''Out of town girl'' is basically a girl who stands out so much compared to the other girls in your area. She usually might have a unique accent and very exotic features that make her stand out a lot.

''Out of town girl'' is also a Justin Bieber song.
''Damn bro she's definitely an out of town girl''
''Yeah you can tell by that accent she got!''
by 123and456 August 10, 2017
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(adj)- in sports; it is a person (general manager, owner, etc) who believes a player from a different city is a quality player, when in actuality it is the national media hyping the play of said player.
Hopefully Matt Forte will gain enough national credit to attract "out of town stupid" gm's to trade a good player for him.
by Bitchtits Mcgee November 16, 2009
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"Get out of town" is an uncommon but used phrase that is basically a nicer, censored way of saying "F**k off" in result of a dislikable situation or outcome of a situation.
Mr. Jones - "James! Your getting double homework for not paying attention!"
James - "Aww get out of town!"
by theguythateavesdrops August 15, 2010
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