ONCE: I just bought KNOCK KNOCK
Thrice: Twice sucks
ONCE: I'll KNOCK KNOCK the **** out of you
by sone & once February 12, 2017
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Fan-base of popular K-Pop girl group TWICE.
Im a part of "ONCE"
by MangoBerry October 14, 2020
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Onc means on crip that gang members of the crip organization use while texting
Tyrone: these girls be playing too much

Marquon: that’s onc cuz
by Criponc December 4, 2019
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Instead of saying “ I swear” or “ong” ( On God). Crips gang members or crips affiliated say “onc” (On Crip).
When you swear on something

“Onc Ima beat that n*gga ass.”
“We instantly fell in love with each other on crip.”
by LAGangS December 6, 2018
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A popular Steam community group (One Nut Crew) that initiates their members through shooting one of their testicles with a revolver, typically one made from gold. Officially formed April 24, 2013 by founder Keenan "Vern" Evans, ONC frequents many games, usually online, such as Garry's Mod, RoboCraft, Minecraft, Unturned, ARMA 2/3, and many others. They can be found on the steam community website under OneNutCrew.
"I ran into those ONC guys a while back, I could tell they were doing initiations by the gun shots followed by a long, high pitched scream."
by FatherVern July 22, 2014
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It's like saying ong, or on god, but it's on cum.
Boy: Zamn u see that sexy boy over there
Boy: Onc he lookin mad cute
by zaddy_6s February 15, 2022
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In the same tradition of 'deuce,' a once is going number one in the bathroom. A once is a noun, like a piss.
by RGW May 27, 2008
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