ONCE: I just bought KNOCK KNOCK
Thrice: Twice sucks
ONCE: I'll KNOCK KNOCK the **** out of you
by sone & once February 12, 2017
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Fan-base of popular K-Pop girl group TWICE.
Im a part of "ONCE"
by MangoBerry October 14, 2020
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Onc means on crip that gang members of the crip organization use while texting
Tyrone: these girls be playing too much

Marquon: that’s onc cuz
by Criponc December 5, 2019
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A popular Steam community group (One Nut Crew) that initiates their members through shooting one of their testicles with a revolver, typically one made from gold. Officially formed April 24, 2013 by founder Keenan "Vern" Evans, ONC frequents many games, usually online, such as Garry's Mod, RoboCraft, Minecraft, Unturned, ARMA 2/3, and many others. They can be found on the steam community website under OneNutCrew.
"I ran into those ONC guys a while back, I could tell they were doing initiations by the gun shots followed by a long, high pitched scream."
by FatherVern July 23, 2014
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In the same tradition of 'deuce,' a once is going number one in the bathroom. A once is a noun, like a piss.
by RGW May 27, 2008
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Another term used in the place of awesome. It can also be used when one agrees with something someone else has said, or agreeing to something. In agreement the word is said as unenthusiastically as possible, yet a nod is crucial. Is pronounced something like: waance
Girl 1: I got the new Coheed cd
Girl 2: Once!

Bob 1: Hey you coming with tonight?
Bob 2: Once. Like I would miss it

Guy 1: That movie was so gay.
Guy 2: Once.
by Nymphololly November 5, 2006
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Enough. Overtly so and inclusively.
by dajxd October 9, 2007
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