Often heard from the audience surrounding a swear fight, that may later transform into a real fight.
Usually the persons who say "OHHHHH!" are annoying fucktards that cannot swear themselves, so you shouldn't pay attention to them.
Guy 1: Ima pwn yo ass now
Guy 2: Ima pwn your mom tonite'
Audience: OHHHHH!
by notbeingusedbyanyonelolumad December 5, 2013
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The most anti-climactic thing to say while falling to your doom.
Nogla: Alright, gettin' bananas! *Misses the jump* Ohhhhh.
by Someone who kinda exists August 19, 2021
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Very suspicious noise adults or children make when they enjoy life. Or if they enjoy a certain activity if your name is Luke and you wear glasses you might use this noise in a day to day life
Mr James: Heyy Luke
Luke: Ahhh Ohhhhh
Mr James: Are you Ok

Luke: Ahhh Ohhhhh
Mr James: Do you like that noise Luke ;)
Luke:Ahhh Ohhhhh
Mr James: I can make that noise too :)
Luke: Yaaaaaaaasssss (Ahhh Ohhhhh)
by Mr James vocab December 6, 2021
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