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An ODer is short for Online Dater, which means two people are dating in online games, media, etc. without knowing them in real life. ODers are most mentioned in Roblox a lot, and sometimes people even troll ODers while recording, to put it on Youtube. ODers get called out a lot, becuase you actually never know who you date, then the ODer will start running away, ragequit, or get defensive, which the ODer hater will win a lot.
"iiOmqBlazin: Hey, you single?"
"iiOmqItz_Kyli: Yeah."
"iiOmqBlazin: Wanna d8?"
"iiOmqItz_Kyli: <3"
10 Minutes Later...
iiOmqBlazin and iOmqItz_Kyli getting it on in a virtual game. (smh)
ODer hater walks in.
"Areomy: wtf you kids doing your like 11 you have to date on a virtual game cause you can't get someone irl."
"iiOmqBlazin: shut up freaking ###### ### ###### no one likes you noob"
"Areomy: no wonder why you're adopted."
*iiOmqBlazin has left the Server.*
*iiOmqItz_Kyli has left the Server.*
by dizzyhelper July 05, 2017
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A person online who dates(mostly on a virtual game called roblox) most of them are people that are to afraid that they will get rejected if they ask someone out in real life . Mostly are at an age range from 7-15 and wear popular items that other Oders might like. Most of them have robux because they want to buy items that might make them look attractive.
xxcoolhotboy123xx: Hey cutie wanna be my gf?
hotgirl1234: Ok
Bruhishangellit: ewww we have some ODers Here
hotgirl1234: Shut up your just jealous that you dont have a lover,nubs xD
xxcoolhotboy123xx: SHUT UP!!! NUBS!!!
xxcoolhotboy123xx lets go babe and leave this nubs alone
hotgirl1234: Ok babe
by lemoniskewel August 05, 2017
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"Online Dater". This means a person who dates over online games, considering they can't get a date off of the computer. If you call someone out on being an Online Dater, they get VERY defensive, and say you have no life.
Frajid3911: hey do u kno sexi_babi43

Satan Fire: ya y

Frajid3911: dats my gf olo

Satan Fire: rly she is hawt

Frajid3911: ya bro we ben gettin it on xd

Satan Fire: xD

Bobbyboy: ODing freaks...

Frajid3911: u kno wat shut up u lv 23 noob u hav no life

Satan Fire: ur gay bobbyboy suxx my dik

Bobbyboy: Hey, I'm not the one sexually attracted to a video game character. Being an ODer is the lowest of the low.

Frajid3911: FUK U!!!!!!!!!

Satan Fire: ya gay homo fag bicth
by NotanODer May 08, 2011
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Short for Online-Dater.
A person who dates people online.
You can tell if someone is ODing by how they look, how they act, and how they interact with other people.
ODer: Hi, handsome! Can you be my boyfriend?
You: Go away, ODer! Im reporting you for ODing!
by RadRaichu7 May 10, 2019
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a oder stands for a online dater. the term of a oder is from the game roblox. what they do is they go into games like boys and girls dance clubs,and do freaky things. most of them wear,the beautiful hair for beautiful people,the chill hat,the sword pack,have the 2.0 package,and use the Frost Guard General right arm and leg. they usually only join club games. so to avoid them,dont join boys and girls dance club,dont join adopt and raise a cute kid,and dont join any club game.
"oders! they are over there"
by legobegobego! June 19, 2017
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ODer stands for:
- Overdose
- Over done
- Online Date

If you're here because of ROBLOX, well, it's obviously "Online Date"....
Over dose:
Person 1: I feel way more sick from this crappy medicine
Person 2: Well, you were drunk last night and taking your medicine
Person 1: No wonder why I feel so sick m8..
Person 2: Obviously, you had an OD on your medicine idiot

Over done:
Person 1: I'm scared for my audition.. I think my audition's next!!
Person 2: Yeah!! Same here!! But....
Person 1: yea wat
Person 2: Person 3's audition is OD
Person 1: ikr!! xD

Online Date:
Person 1: UGGGHH, I hate meepcity!!
Person 2: What!! It's an awesome game on ROBLOX!!
Person 1: It's an ODer game and ODer/OD games suck.
Person 2: WTF, how is it an ODer game???
Person 1: Well, if you join most of the freaking parties, you will see at least one ODer guy.
Person 2: hmm.. not so sure about that.
by somebody (Sparkqlez) August 12, 2017
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Oder/Online Dater is a common phrase used in games such as Roblox, or Minecraft when someone is asking Sexual/Romantic things in the chat towards another in-game player.
Oder: Hey girl you are sexy, wanna go out? Girl: Oder alert! Oder alert!
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by DeDrummer August 20, 2017
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