OCB Slims the sexiest fucking rolling papers in the world and the best quality glue as well. These things are t3h shit!
Guy 1: "Yo hurry the fuck up man we're gonna miss the bus"

Guy 2: "Yoyo chill the fuck out for one second man i gots to get me a pack of OCBs at the 24hr shop first"
by 20(ent January 07, 2006
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Du bon papier à rouler francais le meilleur kon trouve sur le marchééé put1!!!
ziva passe un ocb g un spliff a lérou
by molba December 14, 2004
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Also known as Obsessive Compulsive Bitch. Similar to one diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), an OCB does not have a diagnosis. She is someone who must have it her way, even to the detriment to everyone around her.
Mike: She told us to walk in the blazing hot sun at high noon, because the side-walk with the shade was too narrow!
Alicia: She def has the OCB.
by poopyTo August 16, 2011
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ay letz go to ocb for dinner. i got tha munchies like a mutha.
by chi townz fynest July 21, 2005
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