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Oedipus Cock Blocker. A 7 year old boy who consistently stops his MILF mommy from making out with her boyfriend.
Noah! Leave us alone and stop being such an OCB. Go to bed. Mommy needs to get her freak on.
by AnalJ July 07, 2018
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OCB Slims the sexiest fucking rolling papers in the world and the best quality glue as well. These things are t3h shit!
Guy 1: "Yo hurry the fuck up man we're gonna miss the bus"

Guy 2: "Yoyo chill the fuck out for one second man i gots to get me a pack of OCBs at the 24hr shop first"
by 20(ent January 07, 2006
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Du bon papier à rouler francais le meilleur kon trouve sur le marchééé put1!!!
ziva passe un ocb g un spliff a lérou
by molba December 14, 2004
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Also known as Obsessive Compulsive Bitch. Similar to one diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), an OCB does not have a diagnosis. She is someone who must have it her way, even to the detriment to everyone around her.
Mike: She told us to walk in the blazing hot sun at high noon, because the side-walk with the shade was too narrow!
Alicia: She def has the OCB.
by poopyTo August 16, 2011
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ay letz go to ocb for dinner. i got tha munchies like a mutha.
by chi townz fynest July 21, 2005
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