1) A shitty, over dramatic television show consisting of one ugly girl named Misha Barton. They are ruiners of indie rock.

2) An adjective used to describe something pointless and overrated.
1) The O.C. should be cancelled forever.

2) This school has gone so O.C.
by ashley April 24, 2004
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OC, meaning "original character," which is used to describe an artists, usually in anime, own made-up character.
by Luvine December 23, 2010
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Orgasmic Conversation - When two participants in a conference call enjoy conversing between themselves so much they monopolize the conversation by not allowing anyone anyone else to participate.
Guy1: Dude, you look flustered. How did the conference call go? Were you able express your concerns?
Guy2: Nah, it was an O.C. My manager and her Subject Matter Expert spent the whole hour talking and interacting between themselves. They would not let anyone else get a word in.
Guy1: Bummer, no wonder you're flustered.
Guy2: Yeah, but it was a hoot listening to them talk. They enjoyed it so much it was like they were both having orgasms over the conversation.
by Data Grunt July 29, 2009
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1. The hellmouth or hell hole.
2. worst place to live.

3. Rich white kids who are rasicst and mean. People can't accept an opinion and make fun of cool kids or people who are not "tan" or "surf". People wear a lot of Roxy even though they do not surf. Rap is mostly listened too her. People in Orange County do not know good music.
"You're a sad and deprived child...I could go around and scare lil kids with your face!" (comment directed at me for being cool.)

"I want to get out of the oc."
by nathalie marcom April 27, 2005
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