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Abbreviation for "overly attached girlfriend."
After adding an old friend on facebook, I got a message from his OAG: "Just wondering how you know him and why you're friends with him all of a sudden on Facebook when I've never heard of you before?"
by CitizenCraig October 08, 2012
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Aug 6 Word of the Day
Used often in the business world, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as "fuck it."
The client changed the deadline to today? Well, it is what it is.
by A. Danish November 27, 2007
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My O.A.G. never lets me leave the house without a small recording device taped under my sleeve.
by whyandwhatfor July 19, 2012
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"oag" is an austrian or rather viennese term that is used to acknowledge something while indicating that you are surprised/disturbed/curious about it.

it is a slang version of the german term "arg" but germans usually don't use it for the purpose mentioned above and illustrated in the example below.
Dude: My tutor gave me a kiss on my cheek in today's seminar!
Friend: "oag"
by JoeTheTree January 25, 2012
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"Old Age Gurner"...Spaced out PillHead the wrong side of 40 still gurning strong, often reduced to a dribbling sweaty wreck.

"Look at that sweaty O.A.G over there throwing shapes like theirs no tommorow".

For Further info refer to the term "Gurner"

Also B.F.G - Big,Fat,Gurner.
by Jonny Gurns April 05, 2006
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Old Ass Gangster
(Also used in the movie Creed)
A:Hey Unc!
B:Why you callin me that
A:It was either that or O.A.G.
B:What does that stand for?
A:Old Ass Gangster
B:Keep it at Unc
by MahNameIsScruffy September 04, 2016
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Ordinary Average Guy. A phrase coined by Joe Walsh to define the state of millions of middle class, middle-aged men who have given up and embraced "the rut."
I'm an OAG; every Saturday I'm in my yard, mowin', grillin' and cleanin' up dog poo ( I sure hope it's hard).
by Broseph Chillaxstone July 06, 2019
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