Out of Office
-Where's Nancy
-She's O3 again


"I'll be O3 this week"
by Musti May 25, 2004
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textspeak for "with your feet up in the air, chest bouncing."
i dunno, maybe watch a movie, massage, foreplay, but ultimately, for me, o3-V
by clockwise December 12, 2006
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Female masturbation. Tilt your head to the left.

Other versions are:
OGC: male masturbation
oec: male leftie masturbation
O3GC: futanari masturbation
It is necessary for a girl to O3>C.
by Gothic90 May 12, 2007
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A way to think or to act
Think about o3
by Gucci whool October 10, 2017
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