Those instant noodles you eat when nobody makes food especially because it only takes two minutes and its great taste
Man! nobody made any fucking food so I had to resort to Cup-O-Noob to survive
by LasPlagas December 2, 2009
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When beating a Noob in a video game you could say to them "Hey did you forget to eat you're Noob O's this morning?"
by Jason Gonzalez October 31, 2007
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1.usually someone who is automatically born as a Noob.

2.Someone who can instantly detect or find someone who is a noob.
"what are you a noob-o-matic"
" my noob-o-matic senses are tingling"
by owned_105 September 2, 2008
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A Noob on the internet who u dont know in real life and he is annoying
you're an o noob
by why is life March 25, 2021
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