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an amazing funny sweet guy. nyles is so thoughtful and creative. he looks out for his friends, family, and girlfriend. he usually is very protective. most of the time he is a happy, silly guy but once you get him into a bad mood.. things are going to get ugly. usually blue eyed and feisty. most of the time they are gentlemen. typically bad kissers. most girls cant stay away from them. nyles' are typically the player type and cant stay with one girl. other then that, nyles is a pretty cool dude.
girl1: yo i hooked up with this dude today.. he was terrible!

girl2: was he a nyles?
by cuppycake12345 November 23, 2010
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A sweet cute guy who is very not bright.
Like most guys he will love you until you are hooked.
Once he got you bitten on the bait, he'll show his true self.
An inattentive jerk who flirts with other girls.
but the girls still love him.
Ohemgee! He's so cute! he must be a nyles
by Sweetlovecuppycake January 22, 2011
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A nyle is a name of a person, if a person has this name, then they are the dankest of the dank, and leader of the memes. You cannot just call someone a Nyle, but they have to be born with the name, you will this means they are truly dank.
Nyle's friend: Soo... Any new dank memes?
Nyle: Two words. Pink Guy...
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A boys name. Typically misspelt with the name Niles or Miles. A music snob, generally plays the bass in a band. A strong Vegan enthusiast. Also similar name however different spelling to Niall from One Direction. Enjoys river rafting and is a true hipster.
Hey that’s Nyle look at him rockin’ the bass!
by Hayday farms May 02, 2018
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