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Nykol is the type of person that defends, protects, and loves her friends with everything shes got, she has a pure-heart for everyone. Nykol will try her best by making people happy and entertained by her humor. If she's ever down she will isolate herself from others; until she feels better. When Nykol is heartbroken she tries to make her appear as if she's doing fine without her partner, but deeply knows she still loves that person and doesn't give up. Nykol goes around at times to have somebody aside from her. As well as she sometimes uses social media to escape from her inner thoughts.
*Nykol is so nice*
by FanGirlStans January 02, 2018
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Nykol, typically a female but could be male if the parents decided to experiment. I mean we were all accidents just admit it. A Nykol is a great friend who will listen to all of your problems. A Nykol will also try and make everyone else pleased and happy but is utterly useless when talking about their own feelings. (lets just say relationships don't go down well) so go find your self a nykol.
"hey mannnnn, that chick (or dude) nykol is always super freakin nice to me so I asked her if she liked me and just stood there."
by wazzzupppahhhhh March 25, 2019
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A Nykol is a girl who is so hot, but has no boobs or butt.
Gosh, what a Nykol. I just want her, but she has nothing.
by ohemgee12345 November 21, 2007
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A delusional loner who thinks they are God's gift to earth but are really and truly super insecure and must verbally attack others to supposedly "protect" themselves.
Poor her, she's like a Nykol
by ggirlgirl49 October 22, 2007
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