Nyctophobia is fear of night and darkness
1st Example:

-Hey do you want to go out this night at 3AM?
-No, sorry, I have nyctophobia

2nd Example:
-Do you want to see whats inside this really dark room?
-No, no, no. I have nyctophobia.
by Esperanzo April 05, 2015
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pronounce "neyek-toh-phoh-bee-uh"

an extreame of abnormal fear of ther dark. This is often common in young children. Often a stage for children for imaginations that are very wild. Some cases are found in adults or teens, Mostly ones who watch too many horror films. Like "Nightmare On Elm Street" or "Fear Clinic" or any others for that matter.
Fearing, and dreading the monster/giant spider/phyco cerial killer/ghost/friend that wasnt actully a friend but a hitman behind you in the dark so you always have to have the lights on.
1.children who sleep with a night light
2.teens who watch too many horror so they read at night putting off sleep as long as they can
3.people who havevery active imaginations and think of things that can happen to them in the dark....not like that. T.T

Girl"I can't go in there are you crazy?!"
Dude"Why not?"
Girl "Because i have nyctophobia!! fear of the dark!!"(twitch...twitch..)
Dude "What about night?"

Girl "Well that's fine there are street lights man"
Dude "Movies?"
Girl "Naw there good too theres a really big light in there rememeber?"
Dude"...Well what about sex?"

Girl "Oh in your dreams boy! You totally just destroyed your chances now."
by better off alone girl March 30, 2010
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