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A boss ass bitch that is also hood asf. She can twerk with her nice ass. The best thing about her is she is so chill to hang out with.
Aye Nyara is getting it with her booty
by Lovely_72 May 07, 2015
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Nyara’s are too cool for school. They have the most bombastic personality, and the cutest smile you’ve ever seen. They are super sassy and sarcastic but they have so much compassion for everyone they meet. Nyara’s are so sweet and easy to talk to. Once you get to know a Nyara you’ll find she’s so much more than she appears. Nyara’s are great friends and have an amazing sense of humor, if you know a Nyara you’ll be laughing your buns off. They are also very honest and just genuine with you, a Nyara won’t give you bull crap, they say and do what’s on their mind. Don’t screw with Nyara cuz she’ll bust you up.
Dang Nyara’s so cool, how she so confident?
by 1011Anonymous1011 May 30, 2018
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