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A term of endearment for your wife who has a hysterectomy or her tubes tied. You are then able to deposit your semen as many times without fear of pregnancy or use of condoms.
I love my wife, she's my lil' nut bucket.
by Sundevil March 05, 2007
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Any person that facilitates their orifices to induce ejaculating pleasure for men. The term is predominantly used when referring to a promiscuous women. However, with the proliferation of prostate stimulation propaganda and the growing male homosexual community. This term no longer is gender bias. Whomever makes the choice to use their hands, feet, mouth, breast, vagina, and anus for different men to ejaculate by.
"Hey Jim. I heard that Dave from HR, married that nutbucket chick, Jessica from the shoe department".
by Stoicpleasure December 08, 2016
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One who chronically and habitually telephones government offices to harass staff with pointless, baseless, non-sensical banter about current events, foreign policy initiatives or pending legislation.
"These darn nut buckets are tying up our phone lines again!"
by Beverly Phillips May 28, 2008
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