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A person who learns by doing things wrong - even though they've been told both what not to do AND how to do it right !
Coach: "Whatever you do, slow down before you hit the wall, otherwise you won't make the turn !"

Nurkle: (hits wall after continuing at same speed) "Ouch !"

Coach: "You nurkle ! Try again, but slow down before you hit the wall this time !"

Nurkle: (hits wall again) "Ouuuuch !"

Coach: "You NURKLE !!!"

Nurkle: (makes the turn having slowed down & has look of realisation on face) "Aaaah ! Now I get it !"

Coach: "Nurkle !"
by MikulAbbott April 05, 2009
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Someone who, usually from laziness, but occasionally out of the annoying and misguided desire to proliferate "the Christmas spirit" leaves their Christmas lights up all year. (this was a sniglet)
Anal Retentive Man: Marge, I am so frustrated by our neighbors's carelessness . It's the middle of February for Pete's sake! They are such nurkles!
by thiudans November 21, 2006
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