deriving from 'no'. Usually said for no apparent reason or just to piss someone off. to say no; usually yelled out out loud.
by wtruneway November 07, 2010
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Another word for no.

It's a cute way of saying no with out being so rude and mean. This word is often used by weird people like simmers on ask.fm
Person 1: Hey do you want to go read some roleplays on ask?
Person 2: Nuh, that's so boring!
by UniQBlaxtaR βœ”οΈ April 07, 2015
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The same as "no".
To denny something, just more gently and cute.
Often used by weird people.
If it said by an otaku s/he may close her/his eyes and move her/his head from one side to another one.
oOo says: Lets go to the movies
She says: Nuh, i can't

by .me. November 05, 2006
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Multi-purpose word that is used as a substitute for 'no', but is more subtle and nuanced. It can be used as a statement, exclamation, question, interjection and more.
Statement: Did you scream Timmy? Nuh.
Exclamation: Nuh! Stop it Timmy.
Question: Did you see Gobbles? Nuh. Nuh? Nuh.
Interjection: Nuh pardon me, but is that Timmy. Nuh. Nuh! Nuh? Nuh.
by Timmah July 29, 2004
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Shortened, cleaner version of 'niggah'
Where my nuhs at?
by Nuckra May 28, 2003
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