It is national skip school day. The night after Halloween your tired so just don’t go to school/ work.
Guess what, what it’s national skip school day:) November 1st- when skipping school is okay😌
by ♾🤡🤡🤡 November 1, 2019
slap a bitch ass hoe day.

if a hoe acting up on november 1st it’s your time to shine.
Hey bridget it’s november 1st
finally I can slap a bitch ass hoe
by pppoopooinstabhaddie24 October 24, 2019
National slap across the face today.
Hey john, did you know its November 1st.
What the hell is November 1st.

National take a shit with your friends day

Happy shitting!
I looked at the calender and realized it was november 1st and I didnt have any friends
by asslice October 20, 2019
Share food day

everyone has to give you a pice of their food
It is November 1st

Yea here is my chips
by ...SOMEONE_A May 20, 2020
November 1st is hit your shortest friend in the penis day.
Tall Friend: "It's November 1st! You know what that means!
Short Friend: "Oh god.."
by thundercat07 October 30, 2019