The opposite of the word most. Derived from “no” + “most”. Also can mean very little.
Nost of Sam’s friends can fly except for his parakeet, Lola.
by Yaytrumpkitty February 16, 2019
What a fucking amazing story ! I just had the biggest nost!
by The Boys From The Ghetto December 11, 2016
Slang term for being high on marijuana; using the same letters as the word stoned. Sometimes used to speak freely around squares.
Do you want to get nosted?
Hell yeah!
by Cheech Whybul September 11, 2010
When you are so fucked up, life as you know it is confusing. Your speech becomes gibberish and simple tasks become unbearable and logically impossible
“He’s proper nosted look at him”

“You haven’t lived if you’ve never been nosted”
by StoneOver October 14, 2017
Not the most
Regret to say nost mostest cupatea.
by Hercolena Oliver January 8, 2010