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(when sifting for drugs) "Got any nosebag?"
meaning "Have you got any cocaine you would like to vend me"
by Sayid October 30, 2006
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A quick and dirty snack (e.g. the kind of burger you get from a kebab van that you suspect is rat meat), especially when drunk or stoned.
Come on guys, I'm starving. Let's get a cheeky nosebag, eh?
by Freddy Ngabwe April 03, 2007
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Small polythene recepticle containing approximately 0.8 grams of novocaine, talcum powder and self-raising flour.
Commonly hawked in the pubs and bars of Blackpool by craven miscreants with the guile and finesse of a hippo and the morals of a psychopath.

Cocaine, Charlie, Chaz, Tram, Nose, Bolivian Marching Powder
Jim: Fucking hell I was pissed last night. I paid £40 for a Nosebag off of Dodgy Dave!!

Jonny: You tight cunt I asked you for a line and you said you had fuck all!!!

Jim: You didn't miss much mate, it was a bag of wank!!
by Badgerous Gra January 30, 2008
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One of the 'Flood' that appear in the game Halo. The big ones with no eyes that explode and have them little spider-y things fly out of them (aka bogeys)
you: what the hell is that?
me: a nose bag

you: I was totally pwned by that nose bag earlier

you: those nose bags are so funny!

me: the only reason I play on Halo is to pwn them mofo nose bags!!
by Ashlme February 05, 2008
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