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First off, the person who wrote the other definition is just a big fatass girl that labels people. And you didn't even discribe the town, you discribed the people in it and you're a hipocrite because you said you hated when the girls drank but you do to. And the boys don't like you because you're a fat pizza faced druggie.

Here is what North Andover is like in the eyes of someone who has a chance in life. North Andover is a great town to live in. Yes there are some people that do drugs and other things, but thats not the point, past all that North Andover is a great town with great people. Just getting along is just one thing you need to do.

One more time, don't read the other definition because that person has an I.Q. of -40
"Hey have you heard about North Andover?"

"Yea it's a great town to live in!"
by Thatkidfromthistown August 24, 2009
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