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The Norteños, also Norte, are affiliated with Nuestra Familia (Our Family), a coalition of traditional Latino gangs in Northern California. A member of these gangs is a Norteño (male) or Norteña (female); based on Spanish usage. In the late 1960s, Mexican-American inmates of the California state prison system began to separate into two rival groups, Norteños (northerners) and Sureños (southerners), according to the locations of their hometowns; the north-south dividing line was near Bakersfield. Part of the motivation for the split was the desire of the Norteños to be independent of "La Eme” a.k.a. the Mexican Mafia. As with many other gangs, Norteños have been involved in trafficking of drugs and contraband, and armed conflict with other gangs and with police. According to police investigators, a requirement for full membership in Nuestra Familia is committing at least one murder for the gang. Federal law enforcement agencies, long unable to infiltrate the group, began to step up their investigations in the late 1990s.
In 2000 and 2001, 22 members were indicted on racketeering charges, including several who were allegedly serving as high-ranking gang leaders while confined in Pelican Bay. Thirteen of the defendants pleaded guilty; the other cases are still ongoing. Two of the defendants face the death penalty for ordering murders related to the drug trade. The largest of the federal investigations, Operation Black Widow, caused controversy when it became public that some gang members were serving as FBI informants while still continuing to organize violent crimes. Norteño emblems and clothing are based on the color red. A typical Norteño outfit might include a red belt, red shoes, and red shoelaces. They will also favor sports team apparel that shows their affiliation through symbolism such as the Nebraska Cornhuskers football, UNLV, K-Swiss, and San Francisco 49ers. Norteños may refer to each other by using the term "Ene,” Spanish for the letter "N.” Norteños use the number 14 in tattoos and graffiti because "N" is the fourteenth letter of the alphabet. It is sometimes written as "X4” or in Roman numerals as "XIV". Some Norteños will tattoo themselves with four dots. Norteño derogatorily refers to a Sureño as a "Scrap" or "Sur (Sewer) Rat,” while a Sureño will likewise refer to a Norteño as a "Buster" or "Chap" (Chapete). Norteños also lay claim to images of the Mexican-American labor movement, such as the sombrero, machete, and "Huelga bird,” symbols of the United Farm Workers.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ December 28, 2009
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nortenos meaning "northeners" are a california mexican gang found in northern california such as oakland. They wear red and thier main enemies are the surenos they also feud with other mexican gangs such as the border brothers. they go under the number 14
nortenos don red but don't confuse them with bloods
by knowledgeman8901 September 30, 2009
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Spanish meaning "Northerner"; Nortenos claim red as their color and often wear red rags (bandanas) around their heads or hang them from their pockets. Their number is 14, X4 or XIV in Roman numerals. 14 is significant because the fourteenth letter in the alphabet is N, which stands for Norte. Most Nortenos are born in the United States and speak fluent English and Spanish. They engage in activities such as tagging and hustling. Their hated enemies are Surenos, or "Southerners", who claim blue as their color and 13, XIII or X3.
Hayward is home to many Nortenos.
by marc ipsen October 07, 2004
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A gang that made up of mexicans that represent the north. They are similar to bloods and are enemies of surenos.
Hey ese are you representing nortenos?
by 100% CHICANO October 04, 2005
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One who belongs to the Mighty NORTE. Representing rojo and not that flue.
Speedy Loc was a down ass Norteño. May He Rest in paradise.
by Kriminal XIV March 29, 2008
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The truest homeboys in the world. We run Northern Cali. We take all them sewer rats back to the south where they belong.
Scrap:"Theres a Norteno coming, lets run and hide"
by Lazy14 September 13, 2005
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it means,if its in spanish obviously,that they are americans of mexican origin,spanish somewhere in their family tree,living in northern california or northern simple as that.
northerner wears red colors a southerner wears blue colors a northerns favorite number is 14 while in the other hand a southerner loves 13 for some the end they are just american inner city hoodlums of mexican origin or other, now a days.
by abraham molina March 23, 2005
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