How people in Northern Ireland refer to the wonderful little country that we live in. Made famous by the Kop at Windsor Park during home internationals.
We're not Brazil, we're Norn Iron.
by JNK September 29, 2005
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An area of six counties within the Irish province of Ulster- commonly known as Northern Ireland
i'm fae norn iron an i lawve trance
by danny August 18, 2004
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Here mate, I was on haliday in Spain and ran into these fit birds from back home. They were so excited to see someone from Norn Iron they sucked me off there and then.
by Ownies Puppy August 22, 2006
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What part of Ireland do you come from?
Norn Iron!
I'm going home to see my ma and da in Norn Iron

by Damian October 1, 2003
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Home to unionist pricks, IRA bomb sites and English army murder sites. also is fucking bullshit. Only go there to tell people that are protestants they are Irish.
by Person6372829 October 16, 2018
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It is used through out Northern Ireland but especially in the region of the Mourne Mountains because that is where we have the heavist of accents
Hey where are you from?

Kilkeel, its in Norn Iron
by Claire S August 26, 2005
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