(noun) A useless item in Dank Memer (Discord bot), giving you even more useless items when opened.
oh look i got a useless normie box
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"Gamer Normie" also known as "Retro Normie" refers to an individual within the gaming community who exhibits limited knowledge or involvement in gaming culture, typically lacking a deep understanding of gaming history, niche genres, or the intricacies of specific gaming franchises. These individuals often engage in casual gaming and tend to rely on common or overused gaming references, humor, and stereotypes, often demonstrating a surface-level appreciation for gaming rather than a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the medium.
Person A: Hey, have you seen Person C trying to talk about retro games lately?

Person B: Yeah, he's such a Gamer Normie. He's always making basic references and doesn't seem to know much about the gaming industry beyond the popular titles.
by It's a hard knock life May 14, 2023
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Someone who is a female and is a very unoriginal human. They usually post non-dank memes and don't know where places are in the world.

"Madison the normie walked into history class today and everyone just rolled their eyes and kept learning".
"Madison the normie walked into history class today and everyone just rolled their eyes and kept learning".
by dictionaryluver23 July 7, 2017
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When she's both a whore and a normie.
-Sestra is such a normie whormie, what the fuck is up with her?
-Yeah i don't know, she just loved that normie dick
by Walwal June 12, 2018
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A definition used to describe adult content in the for of images or videos found on Instagram, Facebook or any similar websites.

The definition comes from the similar word; normie meme. A definition used to describe memes heavily reposted.
Yo man, look at this Instagram chick I found.

Wow, that just normie porn.
by Gregory Perkins January 17, 2018
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the things that are classified as horror to everyone
WitchieX: "I'm very scared of normie horror

Mecha Rev: "What tf is that."
by WitchieX October 27, 2020
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