Also another term for normies. Usually used in twitch chat when people from outside the channel invades the chat and are generally clueless to what's happening.
Wutface Normandies Wutface Normandies Wutface Normandies
by cyliee September 13, 2020
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Beautiful individual. She loves to make everyone around her laugh. She is very insecure and is easy to upset. She is a perfectionist. A natural born leader, people trust her to be in charge. Many guys admire her beauty, but she very seldom notices it. She's athletic, intelligent, and nice. She's honest and trustworthy, a great friend. If you have her, whether as a friend or a lover, keep her because there is no one like her.
She's beautiful like Normandie.
by purplelife153 November 12, 2014
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(v.) To smoke marijuana. Origins in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, where one teenager smoked so much that he claimed he was going to storm the beach at Normandy, and hid behind the couch for over an hour. After being forgotten about, he came out later claiming the war was rough.
"Men! Don't look back! We're going to Normandy!"

"Yo, let's go to Normandy tonight."
by Cappy Captain February 21, 2008
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When you are with a lot of people who are normies, you can say "I am in normandie".
Or if a person is a normie you can say "You grew up in normandie".
Derreck: Look at this funny tik tok!
Mikhey: XD, lol so funny.
You: Wow, guess I am in normandie.
by Bigchunkybits420 November 9, 2020
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What Captain Jeong yells when is he dropping his entire marine, marauder army onto an opponents base. It usually ends badly. He also yells this when he is generally upset.
In a team Starcraft game, -to teammate- "You're not going to like this but, NORMANDYYYYYYYYY!!!!"
by The Captain J December 16, 2012
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Peter jumped on and hit Marissa's normandy and almost killed her!
by Bob's ass is hot March 29, 2005
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A game involving bunkbeds where players get on the top bunk and using only their legs try to remove their opponent from the bunk, completely onto the floor.
Kev and I played a game of Normandy Monster last night and unfortunately when he flew off the bed he hit his head on the dresser.
by anti_chris October 19, 2007
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