Noriko is a type of a girl that is amazing in many ways.
When you think of a girl that is everything you ever dreamed about, shares similar thoughts with you and not a total bitch, that's Noriko.
Noriko is so perfect that you will never want to let her go.
She also likes memes.
She is Noriko. I love Noriko.
by hydenn January 20, 2019
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A Japanese goddess of a woman. Often has perfect fake tits and an amazing man by her side. Phenomenal mother, care giver and also known for amazing BJ's.
She's so hot with great cans, must be a Noriko.
by Hessunit November 27, 2013
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Noriko is wonder & delight. Noriko is well-grounded, has a thirst for a deeper meaning, and always does the right thing.
When you glimpse the girl on the train, or glance to catch a look at timeless fashion, smart contemporary looks curious and beautiful little creature, that is a Noriko.

Noriko is connected to nature and seeks harmony with the rhythm of her surroundings.
Never taking more than her fair share Noriko is full of selflessness and giving.
Book smarts and street smarts meet in a wonderful alchemy that is Noriko.
Always ready to pitch in, ever curious, surrounded with beautiful things and herself so rich with the classic beauty that always is in vogue.
To be a Noriko is truly a delight, and also carries a hefty weight of responsibility to continue to spread the sheer good ness that is to be one of the Noriko.
Never underestimate a Noriko; they may be small but they are grand.
And cute.
Noriko loves puppies, memes, pickles, matcha, vintage fashion, physical books, research, trends and of course Japan.
Wow, you know, Noriko is great.
That Noriko is one heck of a strong soul.
by hey wink! November 24, 2021
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Two incredibly talented composers who are perhaps the most underrated composers ever to grace the game music scene.
Takahito Eguchi and Noriko Matsueda create unique music, but not everybody appreciates it.
by dcpsoguy August 22, 2003
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Two composers with an extremely fine ear for a great beat and awesome variations.
by Bennettt2 April 6, 2004
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