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A school district in Ohio full of snobs,sluts, and wiggers. With stupid little fights that everyone thinks is so hxc, but in reality is lame.

The typical Nordonia girl is a fake bitch who tends to think that the overdyed hair/fake tans are sexy.

The typical Nordonia guy is usually a stoner who thinks its cool to smoke in the parking lot and wants everyone to know they are doing it. Sometimes the girls follow in this action as well.
(Nordonia kid yelling across classroom)
"Ya lets go in the parking lot!"

by NordoniaSucksBalls May 18, 2008
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A district filled with druggies, fights, and nonsense. Everywhere you look theres a hoe trying to get with some guy. Most of the guys are ugly, but there's SOME rare cute ones. The girls think their overly product filled hair is the most attractive thing ever, it's not. The guys try their hardest to act as if they're in a gang, once again they're not. Most kids have big ass egos and think they're the shit too. ONCE AGAIN, THEY'RE NOT.
"Yo dude, I slept with some nordonia girl last night"
"Ew really? "

"Damn, he's cute."
"Yea, i hope he's not a gross nordonia boy, but if he is i hope he's a good one."
by Queenbee26 December 23, 2017
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a school district, not in asia but ohio, that includes three cities and a higher concentration of stupid than what was previously thought to be possible.

the typical nordonia kid parties constantly and essentially acts like a wannabe gangster.
Nordonia is the place to go if you want to meet a loser and get really drunk.
by iwehtoiewsyhgosdbgioewht May 02, 2008
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