NorIce is a ship from the anime, Hetalia: Axis Powers. It is more of incest, as Norway forces Iceland to call him big brother (in more than one way ;)).
Damn, that NorIce doujinshi was hot.
by Fuck Life This Sucks November 3, 2016
An ancient P-Celtic language spoken in Noricum.
Noric is similar to Gaulish, Galatian and Lepontic.
by GalaicoWarrior May 18, 2010
adj. the term norice is used to give exclamation to a happy or awesome event. It is said at a high pitch and rather loudly to express joy.
Jake: Hey man did you see what happened to Principal McCarther?

Eddie: No. What happened?

Jake: Someone threw a water balloon at her!

Eddie: Norice!
by Jake Dynamite November 21, 2009