Nop is a music genre that has no specific origin in sound but refers to music that uses pop music tropes in an often unconventional and experimental way. It was coined to classify music on the Pedicure Records web label and affiliated artists.
Meme Vivaldi is a nop musician that releases music with a meta and satirical bent in his compositions.
by Keith Courage February 12, 2016
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This is used by people who type too fast.
Instead if saying No, they spell Nop.
Guy: Do you like to play basketball?
Dude: nop
by Lucky Star* August 22, 2010
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The thing bitches be saying when they want to leave their man
Nop! My Boyfriends is such a tool, I need to find me a real man who is taller than four feet.
by Bsbecrazy May 20, 2013
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Short for Monopoly. Instead of the typical 1 - 10, this can be used as a scale to rate girls. The scale could be based off of color or square (like Boardwalk). The more expensive the color, the better looking the female is.
Nop can also be used for "special time" with someone as getting nop instead of getting tail.
That girl's nop is like a purple.

I can't believe he got nop last night.
by H. Loshkin January 21, 2009
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Another way of saying "NO". It is just used alone, when replying to someone. Commonly used in instant messengers.

Its "o" is pronounced like in "go"
-Hey Max, have you gone to the mall yet?
by rafarafa May 3, 2005
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From old programming meaning No OPeration.
I'm doing anything but nop.
by Niklas Ulvinge May 22, 2005
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n1. A grotesque facial expression intended to humor, distract, and disturb
n2. An acronym for Not On Point
det. No
v1. To experience (a) negative emotion(s)
v2. To make the NOP face
v3. To change
Sarah was totally NOPPING me the other day, she's such a NOPPING NOPPER.
by Taidjewbakww January 7, 2015
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