Someone that intrinsically feels like they are a nonhuman entity on an integral level. This can include Otherkin, Therians, and Fictionkin, as well as other identities.
My friend is nonhuman. They feel like they're more animal than human.
by synanthrope June 5, 2021
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Human beings that decide to act in a non-human way.
Person A: Why does your room have a giant nest next to your bed?
Person B: I take care of a friend who likes nonhumanizing himself a lot; I'm too lazy to take it out of the closet every time he comes here.

Person A: Do you have something planned for later?
Person B: Yea! I have planned to find an owner.
Person A: Why would you want to find an owner? Did you find a dog?
Person B: No, I wish. Lately, I've been feeling lonely when I nonhumanize.
by E+A as usual September 23, 2022
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This word was made by my friend so credits to her! The definition of NonHumanAble is Not Human when something is nonhumanable u cannot do it here are 2 examples for the word nonhumanable.
“Oh no, this project is nonhumanable!”
“Your book is nonhumanable to read”
by thecraziestmochialive March 5, 2023
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This word was created by my friend, the definition of the word “NonHumanAble” is Not Human as if when you doing something u say “OH this is nonhumanable!” and another example is
*Your doing a science project and then it’s too hard so u say* “UgH this is nonhumanable i hate this!”
by randomestpersonalive March 5, 2023
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