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This word was made by someone i know, The word “Congadingsfinga” it stands for when you get hurt like a bruise, cut, paper cut, and etc. This word is most likely used for when someone has a cut or so. And another definition of it is when your sick.
-Example *Your friend has a bruise on his/her arm so then you say* “U got a congadingsfinga!”
by randomestpersonalive March 5, 2023
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The best person you can find! A pirlla is always confident and there for you! Always loyal and funny! can cheer u up like a lamp in the dark

“Omg there’s pirlla! Hiya pirlla”
Hi pirlla (I feel confident because of my friend pirlla)
by randomestpersonalive February 20, 2023
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This word was created by my friend, the definition of the word “NonHumanAble” is Not Human as if when you doing something u say “OH this is nonhumanable!” and another example is
*Your doing a science project and then it’s too hard so u say* “UgH this is nonhumanable i hate this!”
by randomestpersonalive March 5, 2023
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