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(NGGF) A friend who is not gay, but acts like the gay friend that every girl wants. He goes for coffee with you, sits and listens intently to all of your problems for hours on end (especially guy problems). He offers advice from a guy's perspective and tries to make sense of the way guys' minds work. He is the ultimate guy friend who will always be there for you. Because they are not gay, it is possible to hook up with NGGFs, but it complicates things because you are simply such good friends and know absoluetly every detail about each other's sexual lives. You should however reserve these guys as a back-up plan if you don't get married by the age of...say 40. NGGFs are so much fun to be around. They also tend to be very good looking, but unfortunately, they are quite rare.
I met my non-gay-gay-friend at starbucks yesterday. We chatted for 3 hours then went for a walk in a ravine.
by mecisthebestestever September 12, 2009

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