Just one of the many places nickelodeon dumps there shitty old shows and the teen sex show, degrassi. Where they talk about there girlfriends giving there boyfriends the ultimate birthday gift. What do you think that is. They even have a warning that telly you that the show has "strong sexual connections".
by DA GUY April 15, 2004
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Sterile...but with the head! A single head bang
person 1 "Hilariously funny comment about the length of James Marriot" everyone lols.....scene dude with scene hat with a Stumpy Pinky says "Noggin!" person 1 and scene kid share an intimate headbang...and they all live happily ever after....except from Darren...cause marc is the bitch
by GameBoy hat ftwtf? September 26, 2009
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Looking at pornography, ie porNOGraphy. Usually pronounced "noggin", without the "g" at the end. Term derived as a way to avoid detection, much like p-nog.
Eliot: "Ya know Mike, I've been noggin' a lot lately."
Eliot's mom: "What does that mean?"
Eliot: "Oh, nothing."
Mike: *snickers*
by Eliot/Mike February 28, 2009
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A small cup or mug.
A measure equal to about 1/4 pint.
A noggin of whiskey please barkeep.
by James A. Koss May 19, 2003
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