6 definitions by A [Renaissance]

that really bad channel which only plays degrassi non-stop, that my stupid sister randomly took interest in which i want to shoot her for doing...
by A [Renaissance] April 3, 2004
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one hella fun arcade game... bcuz you can buy a card, and save your data on it. EVO III ROXX!
Dude, do you play initial D?


What car do you have?

Integra DC2.

Those are so damn cheap, cheater!

I'm thinking about making an EVO III, cuz of the cool misfire system with fire coming out of the muffler... damn thats cool

Well, my FC could still own your DC2
by A [Renaissance] April 3, 2004
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this one song on Dance Dance Revolution which is 9 feet, which will constantly be referred to as irresistiblement which is spelled slightly wrong
I still cant beat Irresistibilment, which means i just about suck
by A [Renaissance] April 3, 2004
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mazda rx-7 efini... one really cool drift racing vecicle which appears in the very fun, and addictive drift racing game "initial D"
my FC3S could pwn your DC2 anyday...
by A [Renaissance] April 3, 2004
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a car made by acura and/or honda, which appears in the drift racing game, initial D, however, is the cheapest car in the game
your DC2 only beat me bcuz of the stupid bug, cheater.
by A [Renaissance] April 3, 2004
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one hella fast song which encompasses random elements from the previous maxes max 300, maxx unlimited which has only one word, "FEAR!!!"
man that part in The legend of MAX where is goes FEAR!!! is so cool...
by A [Renaissance] April 3, 2004
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