Intelligent, caring, kind-hearted, can be as cold as ice when treated wrong, open minded, loud but shy at first, trust-worthy, optimistic. The name is usually confused and pronounced as Naomi or Niomi. This is usually a name of a Latina with a perfect body, and will show it. She sometimes will have multiple crushes at the same time but is loyal and will never cheat. Most times dirty minded but won't show because of her innocent goody-too-shoes image. She always goes for the wrong guys and will most likely be heart broken. She can get sad easily but won't show it and can sometimes be insane. Is most likely secretly depressed. A bad ass bitch and has a nice ass too 😜
Person 1 - You see that girl over,
Person 2- The one with that nice ass
Person1- Yeah her name is Noemi
by anorexic_pizza March 27, 2019
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Most commonly the name of a beautiful , smart , girl. She somtimes can have a mean side, but for the most part shes very loving and caring. A family oriented person, and definatly has great motherly qualities. In most cases she can be the most gorgeous woman you'll ever see in your entire life.
"I saw the most beautiful couple walking in the park today with the cutest baby, i bet her name was Noemi"
by Masya February 05, 2010
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An amazing goddess, she makes the world shine brighter everyday she smiles, and causes every guy who sees her to trip and fall. She bakes cookies absolutely perfectly, and adds a secret ingredient: love. Any guy who has her in his life wakes up every morning and praises God for being blessed with such an amazing girl. She's a genuine, good-hearted, wonderful, caring, and beautiful person inside and out who you can talk to about anything. She has a gorgeous body, it's perfection; and my eyes melt everyday I look at her. She's a straight boss, and I admire her for everything she is and has done.

Side note: she's a frigging genius as well
"Damn look at dat Noemi tho!"
by Generic user 155 February 26, 2017
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She is very nice when she feels like it sometimes she has a very bad moment but she is always smiling at life no Mather what is going on. She is nice to persons that treat her nice but she can have a dark side on her that no one knows she can show her emotions when she dosent like something that is going on
Noemi is a really good friend to my throw out the hard times of my life.
by Ashely Ramirez February 28, 2019
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Someone who is unique,special,and amazingly gorgeous. Has a big heart and is the type of person who you feel comfortable enough to spill your secrets to. Never lets you down and is always willing to give a helping hand. You will always see a noemi sporting a positive attitude and a sweet smile.
1. Smart/Nerdy

Some random guy: "Whoa did you see that girl?"
Someone else:"Yes she was such a noemi:)"
by Ohh Soo Cool February 05, 2010
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If you find a Noemi, and you both earn trust of each other, never let go off her. You‘d be an idiot if you did. However, a „Noemi“ is super cute, very friendly and damn kind, besides her looks (which are of course extraterrestrial) her character and personality is amazing, you‘ll never find another girl like a Noemi. Trust me bro
Guy: „Brooo, did you see Noemi yesterday?“
Other guy: Yess, bro she soo beautiful and bro, she has a hugee ass heart
by rence420 December 04, 2020
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