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Noella is a beautiful, funny, reasonable, smart, adorable, and loving person. She will speak her mind when needed. she can be shy when you first meet her but that wont last long. Noella is a very rare person who you will want forever!
I love Noella!!!!!!
by purplgirl011390 November 25, 2016
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Noella is the best person that you will ever meet she is always there for you and always trying to be on time.People can treat her wrong but that’s becuase they don’t know what she is like.Try to treat her right.You be nice to her she will be nice to you all the time.If you want to be fake then you can be fake to her she won’t care one bit.You can hate her she doesn’t care.Her and her friends fight over petty stuff but they get over it.She is my bestie and I love her for life
Ed:You are that cute girl
Craig:Yea that’s my bestfriend noella
by Anonymous132436475768798090 November 13, 2018
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Some softball playing girl who won't go out with me. She's captain of Kiwanis club softball team "Born to Run." And the whole team is just a bunch of dykes who wanna fuck Noella. Especially this one hoe who is always around her and laughs at everything she says. Out of everyone on that team she's the only cool one.

I'm catcher, she's pitcher, I play baseball, she plays softball. I thought together we'd make a pretty good match. But I guess fucking not.
And the whole team is just a bunch of hoes. They all think they're cute.

She's also not that bright. All those hoes on her team are always sitting on her lap and hugging her, and she just thinks they're being nice. ITS FUCKING SOFTBALL. Everyone's obviously gay. But whatever, if she doesn't want this dick than it's not my problem.
"Did you see that home run Noella just hit?"
"Yeah oh god I just want her to fuck my ass already cuz I'm a die hard lesbian"
by ijustwantsomesucc May 03, 2018
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