Me: John was playing frogger and had a horrible accident leaving him in a somewhat less lively position....we put </life> on his tombstone.

Mom: that's what he would have wanted.
by Mr FigglyBoBo September 2, 2009
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A board game that sadly is more fun than the real thing.
OH man you totally hacks, instead of me being a billionaire you made me a poor philosopher.

Aww, you spilled semen on my totally cool Life Spongebob Special Edition.
by tpfusion June 6, 2005
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The process of continually downsizing all hope and expectations.
by Phil Gwyn July 31, 2003
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The result of unprotected sex carried out by two horny idiots
Person 1: “Put your condom on, we’re gonna do it”
Person 2: “I’ll pass; I wanna create a human life that’s meant to suffer then die.”
by Diantinatalist June 22, 2022
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Biff - "What happened to your fender? Another hit and runner?"

Suz - "Ya I'm like George McFly w/ the kick me sign on my back! Sucks but that's life, right?"
by chrisking5150 December 3, 2010
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The only thing you've got, in the end.

Have fun
Cherish it as best you can.
by Galen Deepinglen August 6, 2004
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A catch-all term used to refer to life as a criminal; "the life" outside of the law.
"You're really thinking about quitting?"
"The life? Most definitely."

Vincent to Jules in Pulp Fiction
by Scroll Lock October 14, 2008
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