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When a female simply has no holes. All her holes are non existent. This case, all though extremly rare does exist in the modern world.
Yo, I went out to the bar last night and took this girl home. I was about to bang her and I realized, she had no holes. What a bummer.
by Bobby Sacamano February 07, 2009
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Also typically referred to as a womans anus in which she refuses to let get penatrated by either a penis or other sexual objects


All straight men consider the anus as a No Hole due to the fact that anal penatration is not a option under any circumstance!!!
Dave - "Hey man do you think Lisa has a No Hole?"

Brad - "I dont know bro she seems to be the type to not have a No Hole. Maybe you should find out tonight after the party!"


Dave - "Damn man after that party last night me and Lisa went back to my place and there is no such thing as a NO Hole for that girl!!"

Brad - I told ya man, that girl is a FREAK!"
by OT Express1 February 05, 2010
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