No Doubt was my first favorite band. No Doubt is an amazing band with talented members. They have been around since 1987. The band consists of Tony Kanal-bass, Tom Dumont-guitar, Gwen Stefani-vocals, and Adrian Young-drums. No Doubt's original lead singer, John Spence, committed suicide and Gwen took over on vocals. In 1994, Gwen recorded a song with Bradley Nowell,the lead singer of Sublime. It was called "Saw Red". Sublime and No Doubt were good friends, often playing and performing at each others shows.
To this day, No Doubt has come a long way and their music shows it.
I love No Doubt
Their album order goes like this::
No Doubt-self-titled
Beacon Street Collection
Tragic Kingdom
Return of Saturn
Rock Steady
No Doubt: The singles 1992-2003
Everything in Time
by sublime28 November 30, 2006
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The best band of all times, my favourite band, they all rock and those who say that they suck are just assholes that are jealous of them
No Doubt = Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Adrian Young, and Tom Dumont
by Jawi November 22, 2003
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are a band whose been together for 16 almost 17 years. They have changed alot. They've been through alot of shit in the past like they had to deal with another member's death, another member left before the release of Tragic Kingdom, boyfriend/girlfriend thing going on in the band, and break-ups and probably other shit too.
They also know how to put on a great show, their concerts are fucking amazing.
by Nobody Important November 22, 2003
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One of the best freakin bands in the whole damn world. The lead singer is Gwen Stefani, who rocks, but she recently left the band to start a solo career (which sucks). They're kind of a mix between ska, punk, hip hop and alternative. No Doubt's music is the opposite and a million times better than any of the other pop crap on the radio(ex: Rihanna, Lady GaGa, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers...etc.). Supposedly they are doing a reunion tour, but that could be a rumor. You should all go to YouTube and watch some No Doubt vids. Cya later.
Example 1.
Me: Have you ever heard of the AMAZING band No Doubt?
Random person: No.
Me: Here's a CD, now go listen to them and then we can be friends.
Example 2
Me: Do you like No Doubt?
Random person: No they suck.
Me: Then you do too.


by KmacMuzikMafia121 January 31, 2009
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Used to inforce the truth of a statement. Meaning that something is very true, or particualrly relevant.
by JoeMaz April 30, 2003
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a. shows confirmation; ok/alright

b. equivalents of thats wassup or I gotcha or aite bet
-So we're on for tonight right?
- Yeah no doubt.

-My new album drops this Wednesday
-Aw aite no doubt.
by ThatBlackDudeFromMemphis July 29, 2013
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