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No Casper” is derived from the gen z English time period correlating with the term “cap”. For the boomers who cannot understand either of these terms, put your reading glasses on and prepare for an elegant journey as you try to catch up on modern day English. “Yo I finessed that midterm straight out the ghosty no Casper” as you can see here chad has a confident demeanor as he’s just finished a test in which he feels cannot go wrong. “No casper” holds this to be true.

Chad: You see that girl over there?

Dwight: yeh
Chad: I’m bout to spit game straight from the ghosty no Casper

Dwight: damn, from the ghosty? That’s straight up poetic son. Best of luck on your endeavors, no casper.
by Lowwmaine October 15, 2019
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1. Meaning no bs

2. Said when people suck at vaping or smoking
No Casper bro let me show you how’s it done
by Purpletigers101 June 01, 2019
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