Someone who is kind and generous.
"I'd not had sex for a month so Dave let me f**k his missus - he really is all heart"
by SammySeven November 10, 2006
Meaning you give a 110% of everything you have all day.
After the 49ers won the Superbowl, their QB said he was all heart all day!

He's all heart all day.

He was a boss out there today. Yeah, all heart all day!
by Bob the MF Builder February 26, 2014
a 5-piece band full of wannabes from Delaware, Ohio who try to get people to mosh at shows but their music is so bad that the people that are there cant wait for them to get off the stage.

Connor Killinger - AKA Con Con or, for some fucked up reason, ConnOr. The (terrible) vocalist who screams like a druggie, sings like a deaf cat, and raps like drunk.
Justin Kerby - The guitarist with the hair of a porcipine
Knox Fields - The loveable fat guy. only likeable person in the band.
Gage Sulser - The other guitarist who's cute on the eyes...ladies....
Mike White - The drummer who looks like Harry Potter and cusses like a German Sailor.
Guy 1: "i love black chodes"
Guy 2: "dude i love With All My Heart too!"

Guy 2: No that's Just With All My Heart's lead vocalist jumping off the stage again
by Steve Wonderwoman Stevenson December 11, 2010
Can be used either sarcastically or sincerely when (for whatever reason) you hesitate to use the word Love. Depending on how mighty your heart is, "hearting" someone can be a big damn deal.
Awe come on baby. Do that thing I showed you. Oh yeah. Mmmmm that's good. Yeah. Just like that. Baby, I heart you with all my heart.
by Bobby_C October 10, 2007