A theory which states that space and time are actually a four-dimensional continuum known as "spacetime", and that gravity is a manifestation of the curvature of the geometry of this four-dimensional spacetime. General Relativity explains the gravitational bending of starlight, how gravity slows down the flow of time, predicts the existence of blackholes, and even predicts the expansion of the universe. The theory was formulated by Albert Einstein in order to incorporate gravity into his theory of relativity.
The famous eclipse experiment of 1919 confirmed Einstein's prediction that light rays would bend in a gravitational field, according to his theory of general relativity.
by CurvedSpacetime March 9, 2014
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The theory states that the quality of the definition given is inversely proportional to the length of the definition.

Thus, the longer the definition, the crapper it is.
Through the theory of general relativity, we can deduce that the top definition is not worth reading.
by bastardo_bill June 8, 2004
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