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Nishita is blessed with skills of being a businessmen. However, Nishita always finds hard to express the true inner feelings in front of others which often creates wrong perceptions.

Nishita has a decent temperament which helps in making good reputation. Nishita believes in helping others and is quite into philanthropic deeds. As a friend, Nishita can be extremely decent and trustworthy.
Dude 1 : hey have you shared this secret with Amelia

Dude 2 : no dude not yet

Dude 3 : well you should he is Nishita ( trustworthy)
by Nothing but true ! January 07, 2018
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A person who resembles a cow. One who likes to MOO. Spotted animal.
Dude, stop eating grass, you're being such a Nishita!
by believer3423 December 21, 2010
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