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The cloth, napkin, tissue, towel or rag used by a lactating female to dab and wipe up the last drip or droplet of breast milk from the nipples.
Sara was lactating from her recent pregnancy and always used a Nipkin to clean the last drop off breast milk from her swollen and engorged nipples.
by Eaton Holgoode June 12, 2015
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The word, nipkin, means a smaller version of "napkin". This smaller version is often used in school, like elementary to middle school. (That's just what I remember).
Jose: I need a nipkin! Does anyone have one?
Alex: Here bruh! I had a spare nipkin just in case you split a bit of milk!
Jose: Haha. Thanks dude!
by holy shot November 30, 2018
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Another word for the gooch, or the area between the bottom of the ballsack and the anus.
Hey, Tom, come here and lick my nipkin.
by TheJew72 October 09, 2004
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