Nikita is the most beautiful, sweet, caring, adorable kind, funny and above all perfect girl you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. The feeling of seeing your food at a restaurant will never live up to the feeling you get seeing her in the mornings, at lunch, at dinner and every hour in between. You'll become obsessed with everything about her, even her absurd liking to milk. But, more than anything, you'll easily love her.
Isaac - "you're obsessed aren't you?"
Sam - "well have you seen her? heard her voice? of course I'm obsessed with Nikita"
by userhascows November 27, 2017
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Courageous, outgoing girl, who loves attention. Likes parties, boys, and anything that let's her have as much fun as she can.
Despite her good qualities, she tends to be a heartbreaker, a cocktease, and a friendship killer.

She'll be your friend until she finds someone who you love and crushes your relationship.
Girl 1: That girl stole my boyfriend!
Girl 2: Yeah, she's such a Nikita!
by Lauren96 August 23, 2014
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noun. a universal word describing an intellect without a distinct look of fashion who values intelligence rather than sluttyness and loves eminem.
noun. a swear word used when parents are around so that you dont get in trouble
verb. to look nikita

The "N" is ALWAYS capitalized.
1.noun. Omg, your looking awfully Nikita today! NICE!
2.noun. O crap, Im in so much Nikita trouble!
verb. Did u see Megan? She looked so Nikita, what a poser.
by xxshadysbabyxx July 26, 2006
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Nikita means a dew drop from heaven... She loves socializing... And she's a diva.. If by chance a Nikita proposes you... You never deny... Mostly scared of love.. She sparkles everywhere... Specially with an angel's voice... Who loves music.. Always scared to lose someone they love verymuch but would never agree... Never expects from others..
She sparkles like a dew drop from heaven... Might be a Nikita
by Keep me to yourself January 08, 2018
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A level of intoxication synonymous with extremely drunk. It was originated at the University of Ottawa in one of the residences.
Let's get Nikita'd tonight! Its gonna be a sick night, we're all gonna get Nikita'd! Let's get Nikita'd up in here! Bro, are you down to get Nikita'd tomorrow?
by Courtney Mcdonald January 18, 2012
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