The prettiest, comforting and wholesome minecraft streamer. She is the most iconic woman in the world. She is also very inspirational. She is also one of the most iconic bisexual woman ever. She is also very kind. Her twitch is Nihachu & Neimki. <3
friend: who is that person you always go crazy when they go live on Twitch?

me: Nihachu! She's the most wholesome minecraft streamer ever!! She is very kind!!

Niki Nihachu saved my live tbh :
by Shorliy November 25, 2021
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your a simp that donates all your or somebody elses money to twitch streamers that are girls
My 5 year old brother donated 100000000 dollars from my account to pokimane to say his name, he is such a nihachu pokimane and bele deplhine twitch simp! smh.
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very pretty tiktok person who follows me back <3
they are very great 🤩
....nihachu is a very good good tiktok we :)
by elllsss August 21, 2021
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A minecraft tiktoker born in august. They are pretty pog! He uses any pronouns and is omni. If xey get any hate I will break your kneecaps because I genuinely enjoy her content
nihachu is a prettt pog tiktoker
by swagbutafag August 21, 2021
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