The starting form of a nigger. The niglets have the attacks of shooting people with airsoft guns, and stabbing them with rubber knives to get the skills to move on to their evolved form, A NIGGER. Once they become a nigger they begin stealing things, shooting people with real guns, and stabbing with real knives. Their only defense is sprint, so these are the most useless pokemon ever.
Ash: "omg dude i caught a niglet"
Brock: "omg i want one!"
Misty: "I can never have one cause they can't swim"
Ash: ":( once it evolves into a nigger it will be completely useless"
Misty: "Not like it is useful now"
by Huntar7 October 27, 2008
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A small, dark-skinned, big lipped child. The children of niggers.
It really is a shame those stupid niggers let their niglets run rampant around the city.
by Big Joe1122 May 02, 2010
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A small nigger(usually a child, midget, or elf) who has yet to refine his nigger skills well enough to be officially considered a nigger. Similar to HIV before it turns into AIDS.
Hey look at that niglet, he's pretty dirty but he's not dirty enough to be considered a nigger.
by dg818 April 19, 2010
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