n: sunglasses; esp. when worn at night and/or by a goth person.
Aren't Lady Skulltits' nightshades frightfully divine?

I wear my nightshades at night so I can so I can...
by masochistmonkeyjoe June 15, 2011
The action of becoming gay when before you were straight, It doesnt have to be for a specific reason its just the act of becoming gay when you used to be straight
"Yo dude did you hear about how that guy is nightshading?"
"I did I'm glad he finally found himself."
by herolevi October 23, 2020
The action of becoming gay when before you were straight.
"Yo dude did you hear about how that guy is nightshading?"
"I did im glad he finally found himself.
by herolevi October 23, 2020
one of the most beautiful girls in the world, The only living thing known as a femme fatale. Is an all around type artist who can draw the shit out of anything and leave you speechless, And also has an all around type personality. Many claim to be apart of the nightshade clan, or claim to be a nightshade, yet there is only one. from time to time you can catch glimpses of her, only in your dreams.
"Have you seen nightshade's work?"
"Which one?"
"you don't know her? She's theultimatefailure on deviantart...DUnno why such a beautiful girl would pick such a sad name...."
"Oh yeah her"
"I heard she's going out with some sauce dude..."
by Bro Strider February 15, 2013
Usually a burnt out moderator who loves get tweaked and type away on a forum usually acting the part of a badass. Nightshade people have a lot of followers and show their support by typing X2 which means to agree with his rumbling incoherent garbage.A Nightshade likes to brag about his material shit and positions in life, but the stark reality is this type of person is nothing more than a criminal, drug addict and high school drop out. You generally find his kind in the great state of Washington and if your Toyota 4x4 goes missing check his house first.

Fuck that Nightshade came to Sacramento last night and stole my Honda.
by Gwen Sanchez June 15, 2007
A psychoactive plant that has a very thin line between psychoactivity and poisoning. Three berries of a Deadly Nightshade plant has been fatal for a child and one leave is enough is enough to kill an adult. The roots are generally the most toxic part of the plant.

The uses of Deadly Nightshade are as follows:

Cosmetic - Used by women, an extract of Deadly Nightshade was put in an eye drop and then dropped into the eye, making the pupil dilate. This usually makes a woman more attractive.

Recreational - People may make tea out of the leaves, the experience from the plant is usually long (12 hours up to 3 days) and is similiar to Datura, Dipenhydramine and Benadryl in effects. The effects include vivid hallucinations, dry mouth and general feeling of being poisoned.

Medicine - Deadly Nightshade can provide Atropine which can be used for an antidote for cholinesterase inhibitors and nerve gas used in chemical warfare. It can be also used by optometrists to dilate the pupils for eye examinations.
Deadly Nightshade can also be called Belladonna
by Shadow77110 January 10, 2007
Reffering to a group of people or person with African Desendence, or "black people"
"Why the fuck are you friends with a nighshade?"

"It scares me that you can only see a nightshades teeth"

"Is that Nightshade for sale?"
by The anger45 October 14, 2009